Parish Life


Fr Tony and Deacon John plan to hold a regular Parish Forum so that they can feed back to parishioners information about progress on parish projects and answer any questions they might have.  The next Parish Forum is planned for Thursday, 16th March 2017.



St Etheldreda’s Finance Committee consists of:

Michelle Seidler – Chair
Tony Grzybek – Treasurer
Angela Bishop – Secretary
Gerald Fox
Jonathan Skerrett
Stephen Seidler
Fr. Tony Shryane
Rev John Steel


The St Vincent de Paul Society meets on Monday evenings at 7:30 p.m. in the Parish Room.

The First World Day of the Poor
“Little children, let us not love in word or speech, but in deed and in truth” (1 Jn 3:18) “These words of the Apostle John voice an imperative that no Christian may disregard. “ so said Pope Francis on 13th June 2017 when he proclaimed that 19th November to be the First World Day of the Poor. To this extent the St Vincent de Paul Society has suggested that we acknowledge this as we ‘Turn Concern into Action’.The SVP in Ely has been endeavouring to do just this Turning Concern into Action for the last eighteen years. A group of ten members have been meeting on a regular basis every other Monday in the parish rooms. During the last twelve months we have:
  • Made 334 visits to elderly, infirm, sick or troubled persons
  • Donated £370 to needy persons
  • Helped one refugee family settle into the community
  • Donated Christmas presents to the East Anglian Children’s Hospice at Milton
  • Held a Mass for the Sick just before Christmas
  • Worked with Community Navigators attending non parishioners in the area
  • Helped our twinned parish in Kerala in India on a financial basis
  • Supported three Indian Students further their education
  • Donated money from outside SVP funds to the CAFOD Rice Programme
  • Donated money to the hurricane disaster fund
We also regularly attend East Anglian Council meetings to keep ourselves abreast of happenings outside our parish.To further this work we do need more members to attend, help and/or donate.If you feel that you can support your SVP in any way please contact Father Tony who can put you in touch with us.


This group usually meet on a Wednesday evening at 7:30 p.m. in the Parish Room. It is for those people who wish to become full members of the Catholic Church and want to know more about the practices and teachings of the Catholic Church. Meeting are usually for an hour every week from September to Easter.

Contact Fr. Tony


This group meets on Thursday evening at 7:30 p.m. in the Parish Room. The group consist of people who would like to explore the Catholic faith and to learn how their faith can become richer and deeper in their everyday lives.

Contact Deacon John

MARRIAGE CARE – 0800 389 3801

Local Centre: Newmarket & Cambridge

The National Organisation was established in 1946 to support Marriage and Family Life, Marriage Care provides free confidential counselling service for adults in 54 centres throughout England and Wales. Professionally trained marriage counsellors offer counselling for those with marital and relationship difficulties and short courses for couples preparing for marriage. They act as resource for parents and teachers who are responsible for personal and sex education for the young.



This group meets on the fourth Wednesday of every month in the Parish Room.

Contact Fiona Abbott


This group meets on Friday evenings at 7:30 p.m. to pray for Priests and vocations to the Priesthood.

Contact Neil Watson


The Parish has a tradition of being very supportive of the work of Cafod. The Committee aim to promote the work of Cafod in the Parish through regular updates and a display in Church. We also arrange activities to raise awareness and funds. We support the Lent and Harvest Fasts and promote Goodgifts at Christmas. We always respond to disaster appeals.

We are twinned with two communities in Cambodia; Samrong Meanchey, a community of people whose lives are touched by HIV. A group of parishioners who visit Cambodia every two years have visited the community to see ongoing progress. Pouk is a new twinning through Connect2Cambodia. The people are mostly farmers trying to grow food in a drought area.

Through the year parishioners give regularly and we are able to send funds to Cambodia and to Cafod general funds. Anyone willing to help is most welcome. Further information about Cafod can be found on their website



Baptisms by arrangement with the Parish Priest after couples have attended a course of instruction. This takes place on the fourth Sunday of the month in the Parish Room at 1 p.m. The course usually last up to two hours and if possible parents should come without their child/children as no facilities are available for child care.


Classes take place on Sunday morning from September to June, starting at 10:30 a.m. in the Parish Room. It is expected that the parents attend the 11 a.m. Mass and the children join them after their class at the Offertory and stay for the remainder of the Mass.

Children should be eight years old before they receive First Holy Communion. The classes also prepare the children to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession) during this time.

There are five parents meetings during the time of preparation and at least one parent should be present for each of these meetings. These meetings help parents understand what their children are being taught so that they help them with the commitment they are making in this stage of their young lives in their journey of faith.


A Confirmation Group is held every two years and children should be in School Year 8 when they start the class. The choice to attend the group is made by the individual who wants to be confirmed and wishes of their own will to take this next step in their faith journey.

Dates when the group meets will be published in the newsletter and on the website.


At least six months’ notice is required for those wishing to be married in the Church.

Couples are expected to attend a marriage preparation course for which a charge is made. It is also usual to make a donation to the Church for the wedding. If flowers are required in the Church couples are expected to provide them, because of the particular needs of the couple to co-ordinate colours etc.



We have a very small group of people who ensure that there are flowers in the Church. If you would like to help either on a regular basis or now and again, please contact Stella Fox –